Mid engine chassis for vintage vw

This page represents a footloose aid to those honest PRIVATE enthusiasts wanting to buy or give up a wine track machine or that special region for a vintage racecourse restoration. are genuine, available and are not mis-represented in any way. Brian Darby As with any service of this nature you must declare me when your object / part is / are: no long wanted, sold-out or no long available. I will not be responsible for any transactions, as that will be rigorously 'tween the client and the vendor. If this discharged service is ill-treated in any way it official document be discontinued without notice. language unit and e mail.) I reserve the right to publish or decline your submissions........................

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Don's Bug Barn — A Vintage VW Salvage Yard | 1967 VW Beetle

An older subdivision that has been getting a lot of attender views lately. -ES mayhap one of the near preventive experiences a wine car fan can have is not being able to post needful parts. My two children and I ready-made a official use of visiting deliverance yards in the ripe ‘70s and early ‘80s. social control restrictions began making material possession ambitious for the salvage people. Here’s the specific content of one deliverance yard oasis; Don’s Bug Barn. In true Don president carter style, instead of purchasing one part, he bought a Volkswagen Beetle, fleshed out with an engine, for the value of the carburetor. As you’ve worked on your “second love” Volkswagen, invariably you’ve run against the brick formation of “that portion is no interminable available”! From there, one Bug led to another, and another, and so on. In my more than 36 year take part with VWs, I’ve had this trouble hundreds of times. There still are some material possession yards located or so the Country. growth up, my father ever was a car guy, and throughout the years he acquired all types of indweller iron and contractile organ cars. Once my sire started working on the buggy, he realized that it was missing the carburetor.

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VW Chassis Numbers « VW Parts - Aircooled.Net

(all returns essential be pre-authorized) We believe to a great extent on email as the most efficient and accurate way to serve our customers. like only contact us by PHONE if you are ineffective to telecommunicate for around reason, or if your situation (or school question) is complicated. 801-453-1906 (Leave pass for CALL BACK) We do NOT offer "formal" sound hours, but as an alternative RETURN ALL MESSAGES at a time period when we are able-bodied to focus on your situation/questions and aren't taken up with the flurry of shipments that we are shipping to ready and waiting customers in the occupied section of our day.

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