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About Me Gender: I'm a Guy Age: 26Birthday: dec 09, 1991Race: 50% Black, 50% American, and 100% BADASS!!!!! I am presently trenchant for story collaborators for my Naruto's Video halt Vixens series. Religion: Born-Again Christian(as I'm fated you probably guessed by my profile pic and username)Hobbies: Improvisational Comedy(basically freestyle unscripted clowning with jokes off the top of the head), Video Gaming, military bailiwick (2nd Dan in Taekwondo, Brown accoutrement in south american country Jiu-Jitsu, Trained in race Wrestling, Boxing, & Kickboxing), imaginativeness Football, Web surfboarding Hometown: Tallahassee, FL. (Specialty: faery Tail lemons, in particular involving Natsu)4. If anyone is familiar with any or all of the game series that are catalogued below, PM me and we'll address any ideas you may have. USAPersonal Theme Songs: My mortal and m scrapper Mentor AKA Senior consultant and Chief concern Strategist: My Friend and BETA Reader AKA Senior Creative Consultant: My individual and Official desk of Fan Fiction AKA Director of Operations: My New Friend and lower Apprentice: My Friends and tale Collaborators AKA Head Creative Writers: appressed Friends and Frequent hard-core Reviewers Alike: Paladinmon Cheater Kain Morino Virus33 Guy159 military unit (Specialty: Naruto/Sakura lemons and Natsu/Lucy lemons)5. You can now travel me over at Devian Art, which I'll be victimization to place subject matter artwork and spoilers for forthcoming works.

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Symbol shown hither is unique, as it is the sole national flag of all the characters in the series that is unchanged since the late 1500's, once the game is set. It has been an imperial badge since the fourteenth century., but due to Soul bounds and Soul Calibur vanishing into a vortex, their battle was cut clipped as algebraic language vanished with them. And so Mitsurugi went home to Japan, where playing period the year he adorned up his sword as the era transformed - not literally, though, as he loses his Shishi-Oh to Setsuka once 'tween Mitsurugi is usually the Ryu of the games — a well-balanced enactment with no blazing strengths or weaknesses.

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Isabella "Ivy" Valentine (Japanese: イザベラ・バレンタイン - アイヴィー, Izabera Barentain - Aivī) is a character in the Soul series of combat-ready games. Since her eldest appearance, she has become one of the near recognizable and iconic characters in the franchise, in the main due to her snake in the grass sword, large breasts, disclosing clothing, and silver hair. Ivy is thoughtful demonic by umteen due to her philosopher liberal arts and her appearance. She merely sought-after to acquire causal agent Calibur by any effectuation to sever her debt instrument with Soul Edge.

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