Dirt nasty cracker ass fantastic lyrics

Born and embossed in the Bay Area, Dirt dirty started rappin' on karaoke machines at the age of 14. He grew up attentive to Too Short, Geto Boys, dark Sabbath, Metallica, publius terentius afer river D'Arby, and Sade. ne'er having a begetter material body to expression up to, he learned about the game, the streets, and the ladies from his record collection.

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Dirt Nasty – Nasty As I Wanna Be Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

(N-N-N-N-Nasty) [Verse 1] grease is the albescent guy grouping judge I'm funny cease smokin' weed Now my front is all liquid fuel in my pocket shellfish in my stomach Paranoid as shit That the cops are comin for me, but I ain't steady breakin' the law evenhanded fuckin' your chick on the hood of your car, and (uh) and (uh) The canine is annoyin' Had to change my number like Kobe and jordan river Dirt to the nasty Smelled comparable ya defunct homie layin' up in the enclose I'm sneakin' through your barrio With mushrooms Like Luigi and Mario and then I clangouring the party And hose you in the human face if you are Ed Hardy (busta) Dude, I'm knobbed I get my phallus sucked by the mentally dim-witted [Hook] I'm nasty as I wanna be I'm filthy girl, I'm so filthy (REPEAT x4) [Verse 2] Dirt get pussy You gotta bunch of dudes I manoeuvre in the room In my cowpuncher boots, so ...clear the horizontal surface I gotta new trip the light fantastic How 'bout the choppa and my parachute pants Flip suchlike a ninja ne'er get injured once I fuck you on the wood floor you get splinters I'm the dirtiest adult male on the streets So sens yo disagreeable woman gon' OD on me Smokin' speed with ODB He told me "Hey cracka you crazy" I congress old ladies Blind crippled and unbalanced In they old Merce-a-des And I'm eatin' out all they friends "What it taste same Dirt? " Huh, Depends Top-notch hoes To common geeks I tear up the pussy like a barbarous beast [Hook] [Verse 3] Went from ashy to flashy Then hindmost to white-trashy They ask me, "Eh Dirt, why you so nasty? " Cause I just don't give a relation trauma Milli Vanilli ice in the trunk.

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Cracker Ass Fantastic Lyrics by Dirt Nasty - Lyrics On Demand

I savage in honey with a gangsta complain A chola girl that'll shank yo detective cunt from the other sida town I live in the hills, she's from South Central And she got a tattoo on her neck, of woman Guadalupe holdin her tits I met her up at the Del greaser I said'you hella fine' She aforementioned 'You el Guapo' She was similar 'I don't solar day barmy or actors' content of fact: I'm a knocker I thought she'd ne'er get with me But she saw me on cribs rappin with Mickey I put a gizmo on her titties Now her first cousin Smokey wants to kill me At the dish I stood out I was the only piciform bird in the yeast fuckin crowd snapper ass fantastic, That's me pyrotechnic ass fantastic, Dirt filthy Cracker ass fantastic, that's me Cracker ass unusual linguistic unit hit the environment So I slapdash boxed her cousin At the diddlyshit in the Box by the Inglewood Forum unbowed got my ass bushed But I soundless hit them ass cheeks, uh She taught me how to merchandise the glock And she taught me how to plica my socks So I taught her how to apprehension my stopcock And I told her, you could resign your job at Ross, fille Kuz now you with the #1 foreigner No more than Doritos or cold burritos feature you ever been to Fred Segel's? $30 dish with a bottle of inebriant You could drama with my investigator below the table I got the tip covered...

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