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, the Oscar someone added on 47 pounds to his typically athletic frame. ahead the film hits theatres everywhere January 27, E! But during shooting, few unbalanced rumors just happened to pop up around his appearance. News sat thrown with the thespian who admitted a fat causa was a possibility for the role."I had been putting on some system of weights but we had a fat case and complete the weeks of trying to material body out the fat suit to make it work, I actually started to put on the weight," he shared out with us. "So we were like, let's ditch the fat suit and go with what the God gave us."As for that nudeness prospect where moviegoers get to see Matthew's backside, what's the truth bum view of a victim double?

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Matthew McConaughey goes ass-out in red-band Gold trailer; UK poster drops

This jan will see plenty of awards hopefuls going wide, including unseeable FIGURES, smouldering BY NIGHT, SILENCE and the Matthew Mc Conaughey vehicle, GOLD. The erstwhile 3 all have reliable names and premises behind them, but gilded is the one that’s not striking as hard on the multitude anticipation meter. This could evenhanded be because of all the remaining likely flicks coming out this month, but this new red-band trailer hopes to get a few more interested in the movie, proving that when you privation to get asses in the way you have to show a dwarfish ass yourself.

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In the forthcoming movie, "Magic Mike," gospel according to matthew Mc Conaughey (or as I like to call him Matthew Mc Conahottie) gets onstage and au fond struts his sundry like a Chippendale. So, did he get a butt double, or is that real Matt's booty? He works out and has a important body and doesn't mind exhibit it off. I said, ' I gotta dance, man.' I would ruefulness it for the part of my existence if I was in a manlike stripper moving-picture show and didn't get up there and strip myself."We all know Matt is not the blate type. The star portrayal in the movie, Channing Tatum, is another eyecandy to vigil for in the flick too.

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Matthew McConaughey Says Alright, Alright to On-Screen Body Transformations, But What About Butt Doubles? | E! News

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