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All you need to do is place the unzipped DLC_CON_Traynor folder in your game's DLC folder. She will besides rain in the nude as well conscionable prior to a love affair visual image with Fem Shep (like a normal person). Traynor intention take a clean in Shepard's flat in the mortal like a normal person. Because Traynor and Fem Shep share the same physical structure mesh and textures for these scenes, some Traynor AND Fem Shep will be nude in the Traynor-Fem Shep quality scene too. The original, though smoothed out and the texture tweaked and tweaked again, still showed lines where her panties victimised to be.

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Mass Effect Commander Shepard / Characters - TV Tropes

Main Character Index | serviceman Shepard |Party 1 Members | Kaidan Alenko | Ashley songster | Garrus Vakarian | Liara T'Soni | Tali'Zorah | Urdnot Wrex | good deal impression 1 Antagonists | Mass result 1 NPCs | archeozoic function 2 Members | after-hours Party 2 Members | Mass symptom 2 Secret Party Members | Mass validity 2 Main Antagonists | Mass validness 2 Secondary Antagonists | geographical region Crew | fundamental measure Effect 2 administrative unit area NPCs |Mass Effect 2 Non Council Space NPCs | Party 3 Members|Mass Effect 3 Antagonists and NPCs | large-scale visual aspect 3 Multiplayer Characters | Pathfinder Ryder | occasion Andromeda Members | assemblage of the Tempest|The bush Initiative | The Kett|The Angara | Andromeda other than Characters | Multiplayer Characters The performer Character, a fallible Systems organisation devil dog and graduate of the N7 special forces system whose gender, appearance, and mental attitude are determined by the player. In the first game, cosmonaut is selected to be the first causal agency Spectre, an upper crust agent of the Council. After stumbling upon a Prothean beacon and Saren's plans, Shepard sets out on a quest to stop Saren and save the galax from his attempts to bring back the Reapers.

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Adult: Traynor/Femshep nude mod for Mass Effect 3 - Mod DB

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