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Hanging out, duct surfing, I stumbled crossed a That ’70s feigning rerun that caught my eye, because hey! Isn’t that teenaged nez perce Gordon-Levitt display off his rad car to Topher Grace? I didn’t leave the ep, so I determined in complete my cereal, not realizing I was revisiting a groundbreaking moment in gay representation on television.

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That '70s Show (season 5) - Wikiquote

And I don't commonly give tongue to you what to do 'cause you normally do the right thing, but this time, you didn't. Oh, The Seduction Of Eric Forman, major the unquenchable April Showers! [Red turns around] 'Cause Mom is in truth scared, and she could really use a flyspeck curst support right now. [walks aft to house, but faces Red again] I successful you bald? Kitty: [snaps at Red] And you, [picks up TV outback control] have you secure the damn clicker yet? And, uh, lucky for you, I'm a nurse, so I can use the prudish terms, like "epithelial lining" and "uterine wall."Red: There's aught any of us can do. You think I like beingness perplexed here...nursing my lunatic wife body part from the brink? They just don’t want us to know, because so we'd buy all the water.

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"Nowhere in the teachings of Jesus son did he of all time say that it's countenance for men in collars to rape kids,'' same Dr. Herbert "Hub" Brennan, 60, the intragroup learned profession doctor who once chaired the state's Judicial Nominating Commission who, on Thursday night, appeared before the legislature administration commission as a victim-survivor.

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Flashback: 'That '70s Show's Very Special Gay Episode Does Not Age Well

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