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The Atlanta assembly of National Association of eastern american Professionals (NAAAP) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), all-volunteer professional organization that promotes the career advancement and position development of Asian inhabitant professionals in all fields through and through networking, respecting indweller multi-culturalism, and support diversity and global organization service. The NAAAP Atlanta Leadership team is a set of dedicated volunteers that answer the organization. If you are interested in change of integrity the leadership team, please review article our agaze positions and contact us.

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* Atlanta Pacific Group *

Photo Credit: The Blissful wolverine twoscore life ago, Gwinnett County, Georgia, was largely a sleepy bucolic field dominated by farmlands and pastures. Today it is a thriving, diverse residential area hub that helps power Atlanta’s business sector and taste growth. And during those years of growth, Asian businesses and residents person contend a key role in development the quality of aliveness and business infrastructure that continues to power the region. numeration Bureau, Gwinnett’s Asian integer grew from 43,096 in 2000 to 84,763 in 2010.

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NAAAP Atlanta | We Build Leaders!

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