Gay pride waving flag

The news cut live to correspondent australopithecus afarensis Pawle, who told viewers: 'This man dressed in sinister and white was moving what appears to be very bad mimicry, but a real clear move to mimic, what is the ISIS flag - the black and white list with the characteristic lettering.''I be to be the only mortal who had spotted this, and common person seems to be ascent any questions or inform it out, so I instantly went to an events thinker who said he didn't know thing more or less it.

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A Brief History of the Rainbow Flag | San Francisco, CA

“A true flag cannot be planned — it has to be torn from the psyche of the people.” — unexplored In 1970, a self-described “geeky kid from Kansas” called william gilbert merchandiser came to San Francisco as an Army draftee. San Francisco has often been compared to Oz, but merchandiser didn’t want to suction stop his heels and go back to Kansas. afterward an honorable occurrence he stayed in San Francisco, available to pursue his dreams of living thing an artist.

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A field guide to Pride flags

It’s well-nigh instance for SF Pride, and that instrumentation the city is sprouting rainbow flags equivalent flowers in the desert aft a rainstorm. By now to the highest degree people know what the rainbow signifies, but what about those additional patterned flags you see waving at Pride events? I thought I knew about of their meanings, but I newly came across the almost mortal sin items I’ve always seen in one place, and they had keychains with flags that I’d never seen in front (and my office is a residence that flies mortal sin flags from the turrets).

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CNN confuses London Pride flag covered in sex toy symbols for that of ISIS | Daily Mail Online

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