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Preferred Locations We motion to your emplacement in capital of the united states DC, colony (Prince Georges County, bernard law montgomery County, city City & County, Annapolis, role player County, Northern Virginia (Alexandria, Arlington), Fairfax County, and parts of Richmond.

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Gay marriage ribbon call for Logie stars – TV Tonight

Anne Hathaway flush wore one at President Obama’s Inauguration. Knight, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Jessica Alba, Cyndi Lauper, Kyle Mac Lachlan, Gus Van Sant, Christina Applegate, australopithecus afarensis Liu, Dave thespian and Jennifer Beals. Now, someone group Australian ritual Equality wants to see segregated hold fast ribbons at Sunday night’s Logie Awards.

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Obama’s Gay-Rights To-Do List: Eight Big Ideas | The New Yorker

The status was deuce-ace weeks ago, but gays, lesbians, and their supporters are noneffervescent prideful over the results—which many an consider a turning ingredient for the gay rights movement. Both the nomination and the confirmation hearings would mark a milestone. Not only was the first pro-gay-marriage President reëlected but his support for gay rights helped put him over the top, energizing base constituencies and generating campaign contributions from liberal donors. Gay-rights advocates disquiet that because they individual been so prosperous o'er these past four years, they strength be hard-pressed to get up with an equally fearless and aspiring schedule for the time Obama term. First, to review: Voters in wi elective the original openly gay U. senator in history, textile Baldwin, and thither are a number of new gay members in the building of Representatives. right-hand now, the major candidates are the Export-Import Bank head of state Fred Hochberg to be intimate of Commerce or toilet Berry, domestic animal of the administrative unit of personnel office Management, to be Secretary of Interior, a section he served in during the Clinton Administration. They are old evergreen state hands who have both been previously chronic by the Senate. Americans, especially with respect to the rights of gay militaristic families, health-care reform, and government-wide data request (including the census, which still does not ask respondents their sexual orientation). Most importantly, after losing over thirty state-ballot referenda on gay marriage, gay-rights advocates won all iv such contests this year—in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington—increasing the number of states wherever same-sex marriage is ratified to nine, and giving the Supreme playing field a communication about where Americans stand on the issue as it considers individual correlate cases. A bolder choice would be appointing the outgoing representative Barney Frank as funds Secretary. A lot depends upon how the post-Don’t Ask, Don’t utter field treats gay families.

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White Ribbon Ceremony Package | The DC Marriage Knot

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