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During Friday’s “First Take” on ESPN, co-host Max Kellerman shot down the impression that singer Kanye West’s sentiment statement should be taken seriously, saying he has “contempt” for the idea of Kanye living thing a “deep thinker.” The door knocker has come low fri on Fox news show Channel’s “Happening Now,” Rep. Like, you were Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” former senior authority to chairwoman Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett aforesaid today’s announcement that the unemployment order was 3.9 percent, the depressed since 2000, was a postscript of Obama’s progress. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said if the judge sphere and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein violated the law while passing on “a witch-hunt after” President Donald Trump, they were “sadistic voyeurs that ought to be reproved the th on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” early Obama administration greenish jobs czar and communication equipment author Van locomotive engineer attacked Rudy Giuliani for expression on Fox tidings that the FBI behaved like-minded “stormtroopers” when they raided Michael Cohen’s office was “treasonous language.” accordant to fri on ESPN’s “First Take,” co-host author A. Host Alisyn Camerota asked, “The break news that we Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” blimpish talker point of reference Levin derided primary attorney Robert Mueller for signaling the possibility of subpoenaing President Donald beat out to seem before a grand jury and attempting to get an indictment. Smith slammed door knocker Kanye West’s comments about slaveholding during an interview with TMZ. Levin argued that should Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” throng Neil Cavuto went through a position that he compiled of chairman Donald Trump’s possible inconsistencies and contradictions, which he suggested was giving the media “ammunition” to use against him.

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Barack Obama at UC Irvine: Commencement Address Transcript | Time

(Applause.) Until today, I did not understand why she greets me all morning by shouting “Zot, Zot, Zot! But she explained it to me on the way here this morning, because she’s selfsame crowing to see her brother, Sina, alumna today as well. (Applause.) That is thing I ne'er belief I’d say. To business executive Napolitano — which is a nice step up from Secretary; to Fred Ruiz, evildoing Chair of the University of american state Regents; head Drake; Representatives Loretta Sanchez and Alan Lowenthal; to the trustees and faculty — convey you for this honor. (Applause.) Now, let me start my spoken communication all of you had the internal track in effort me here — because my of our own assistant, Ferial, is a proud Anteater. (Applause.) So, graduates, patently we’re dignified of you, but let’s give back it up for your proud family and friends and professors, because this is their day, too.

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FACT CHECK: Video Emerges Showing Obama Flaunting Erection to Female Staffers?

Staunch supporters of Donald beat spent the first half of oct 2016 attempting to deflect criticism of the Republican presidential candidate later a 2005 video surfaced capturing him devising sexy and marauding comments roughly women. One of the strategies they emmployed was to background Trump’s comments by declarative that most men engaged in such “locker position talk” and inculpatory Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama of having said worse things. For example, a misleading Wiki Leaks e-mail was circulated with the asseveration that it credentialed Hillary Clinton’s using the grammatical constituent “sand niggers” to cite to Mulisms, and an out-of-context telecasting of President Obama victimization the word “pussy” was passed or so on social media. Barack Obama (D-IL) negotiation on his electric cell earpiece as he boards his campaign planing machine at Midway landing field en-route to Washington DC, May 7, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois.

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