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Maybe I’m deed old or thing but is this supposed to be sexy? Surely dance about in your red undergarment isn’t well-advised the height of cool these days. But even more than that, it is one of the funniest things I’ve always seen. He’s effortful red briefs and name checks few notable hot men in front he starts. Spectacular has since had to fight back his sexuality, he claims he’s not gay, but this recording for certain suggests otherwise. Almost as comic as a bunch of nobodies trying to reproduce beautiful Ricky.

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Is spectacular from pretty ricky gay

But from the look of the broadcasting and what he haves on(RED PANTYS)..looks rather gay. by captain Livi (Olivia W.) The group beautiful Ricky was formed in 1997.

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Pretty Ricky Has Too Many Coincidences Of Gayness: Pictures Of Slickem Getting Brain From Some Boy!! | Bossip

Slickem, from the unit bad Ricky, has followed Spectacular’s suit of being gay and was envisioned with a boys formation in his lap while on a sofa with no shirt or clothes on…

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Spectacular From Pretty Ricky Gay Grind Video | Dancing To Tipsy In Underpants – Web TV Hub

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