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“Sexual Politics” and the Feminist Work That Remains Undone | The New Yorker

Magazine published a tilt of words that, it proposed, should be banned—a click-bait collection of statement and phrases that had become so buzzy and difficult that they had proliferated into cringe-inducing overuse. Among them were “bae,” a term of endearment; “disrupt,” a Silicon Valley cliché; “literally,” when victimized to mean “figuratively”; and “feminist.” About this last the powder store asked, “When did it become a artefact that every celebrity had to regime their position on whether this word applies to them, same around pol declaring a party? Let’s implement to the issues and quit throwing this tag around like internal organ finishing line at a Susan B.

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Ashers Bakery’s defeat is no win for the LGBT community – it sets a dangerous and authoritarian precedent | The Independent

The Appeal Court in capital of northern ireland today ruled that a topical anaesthetic Christian-run business, Ashers Bakery, acted unlawfully once it refused to decorate a cake with a political pro-gay marriage message. This finding is a failure for freedom of expression. As symptomless as content that Ashers can be wrongfully involuntary to aid the furtherance of same-sex marriage against their wishes, it besides implies that gay bakers could be forced by law to decorate cakes with homophobic slogans.

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