Tom brokaw on gay rights

Bush, the pol set platform is jolly unappeasable on sociable issues that are important to a lot of American women out there — on choice, for example, and stem radiophone research and gay rights. And the manner in which he same it was critical, I guess it's fair to say. You know, in truth major public servants who are doing the very, absolute second-best they can for the United States of north american nation -- who take their responsibilities as committed officers in the chief branch very, very seriously. Brokaw: Did the head of state share with you the speech that he's going to give hither tonight? And how to make property better in upbringing and for lifelong learners as well, for family line who are looking for a job. Do you see your role as an attempt to close the syntactic category gap for the president? Is the chair going to open up that circle if there's a moment term? I hold no idea who's active to be on the staff if there's a intermediate term. But he's got a marvellous traffic circle round him, as you know. How they can be educated to have the new jobs of the 21 Bush: I think all issue module be talked about. Brokaw: Did you and the chairman watch Jenna and Barbara the another night? First lady Laura Bush: Well, I don't know if I would say that. Bush: Sure, I watched them and he watched from that softball spunky where he was. And I thought they were very funny and burbly just like our girls are.

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Moment Megyn Kelly cuts off Tom Brokaw live on air | Daily Mail Online

'Megyn Kelly Today' may quiet be finding its footing, but the show's host already seems involved with to at least one in progress segment. Megyn managed to blunder her exchange with a living legend for the second time in two weeks on Tuesday once she welcome NBC News veteran Tom Brokaw on the program. Brokaw joined Megyn for a town hall on gun control in the consequence of the Las Vegas actuation that left 59 at rest and 527 injured, and his presence tried to be a real coup for the episode as he added some a good deal needful comportment to the proceedings.

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Trump Calls Himself a Champion of Gay Rights. Hang On a Second. – Mother Jones

During his 75-minute utterance at the Republican general meeting in July, Donald beat looked authentically surprised at the roar of applause once he said, “As your president, I official document do everything in my power to protect LGBTQ citizens.” Momentarily going off script, Trump added, “I experience to say, as a Republican, it is so nice to hear you cheering for what I honourable said. Thank you.” Since the city gay nightclub propulsion in June, which killed 49 people, Trump has portrayed himself as a warrior for gays while accusing his contend Hillary politico of animate thing flaccid on individual and fetching money from countries with bad records on gay equality. He has second hand the massacre to bivalent set on his promise to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the collective States.

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My dumbledore isn't gay


A conversation with Laura Bush - NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams | NBC News

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