Gay in kansas city mo

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Missie B's | Kansas City's Premier Gay Bar

Missie B’s opened it’s doors in apr 1994 as a piano/karaoke bar with uncommon recreation and drag shows. With the activity of the community since we opened, we have been healthy to expand from a existent small neighborhood bar to the all but popular nightspot in Kansas City. 365 daytime a period serving our clientele 21 years of age and over. We offer the all but inexpensive drinks in town from noonday until p.m.

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Kansas City Gay Bars - A Yelp List by Brenna P.

4 Businesses Where to brainwave homo hangouts in sunflower state City. Gay bar appear to arrive and go all the time here, with only a few places consistently living thing open... The succeeding gay bars are closed now (even although yelping hasn't updated this yet): Sharp's 63rd environment cook and Lux are now defunct. In addition, Buddie's is a gay bar here by Sidekicks, but I'll plausibly never go in there. I came here on a Friday night, organism told that this was a "country gay bar." I mustiness admit, I'm not a state fan, but I distinct to go on with it.

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Interactive Kansas City Missouri Gay Bars Lesbian Clubs GayBarMaps MO

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