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Prime diplomatic minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned sabbatum new governing in Poland which bars any mention of crimes by the "Polish nation" during the Holocaust, calling on Israel's ambassador in capital of poland to run across with the Polish prime diplomat on the aggressive bill. I organized the state embassy in republic of poland to meet with the Polish first Minister and impart my firm support against the law," Netanyahu said. chronicle cannot be varied and it is prohibited to deny the Holocaust. The lieutenant Polish ambassador in Israel has been called in for a call on the carpet at the Foreign Ministry. In a melodic theme from the President's Office, President Reuven Rivlin too criticized the bill, saying that "on multinational Holocaust Remembrance Day, additional than ever, and supra all considerations, we are faced with our social control to remember our brothers and sisters who were murdered." On Friday, the Polish parliament approved a contentious law alarming any quotation of engagement of the "Polish nation" in crimes committed during the Holocaust.

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Netanyahu orders embassy to meet with Polish PM over new Holocaust law: 'We cannot allow Holocaust denial' - Israel News -

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