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The virile reproductive plan of action is quite a complicated and involves many different component part that piece of work unitedly to product properly. The system includes the Cowper’s Gland, the Epididymis, the Ductus Deferens, the Seminal Vesicle, Urethra, ductless gland and, of course, the testes and the penis. The essential function of the animate being generative system is to produce spermatozoon and exclude it from the penis, which point enters the duct to fertilize eggs and echo – thence titled the “reproductive system”.

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How Erections Work, Ejaculation, and Penis Anatomy Image

Inside, two cylinder-shaped room called the corpora cavernosa run the length of the penis. The maiden at the tip of the head, where urine and body fluid come in out, is titled the meatus. They someone a maze of blood vessels, tissue, and unfastened pockets.

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Men Ejaculation Video - What You Can Learn From It?

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