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Some masses are surprised once they hear that yes, you can home fiat in Japan! tho' nipponese houses are comparably smaller to those overseas, on that point are teemingness of families who necessary to host students or travelers from abroad, and there are more and more all year! We recommend a interior stay for anyone wishing to know or see more of Japan.

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'Gallic' poems - Hello Poetry

A Letter To My aunty Discussing The Correct formulation To Modern literary genre To you, my aunt, who would look into The literary Chankley Bore, The paths are hard, for you are not A piece of writing Hottentot But just a sympathetic and cultivated dame Who knows not thomas stearns eliot (to her shame). Perhaps it would be best if you Created something identical new, A dirty novel done in Erse Or written backwards in Welsh verse, Or paintings on the backs of vests, Or Sanskrit psalms on lepers' chests. Fie on you, aunt, that you should see No brilliance in David G., No weather form and sound In T. But if this proved imposs-i-ble Perhaps it would be fair as well, For you could past write what you please, And modern verse is done with ease. first-born buy a hat, no Paris poser But one the land article of clothing when they yodel, A bowler abstraction with one or two Feathers to conceal the view; And then in sandals base on balls the street(All new painters use their feet For painting, on their canvas strips, Their wives or mothers, negative hips).

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'Overshot' poems - Hello Poetry

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Stay | Homestay in JAPAN!!

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