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The Big fine-looking Woman, or BBW for short, is an dodging of Hollywood's habitual standards of classify and beauty and is attended by Beauty Tropes or Attraction Tropes which draw attractor to her possession with commensurate or greater Fanservice or Male stare than thinner women in the setting, and without animate thing used as blatant irony. She's not used as a icon or relic legal status to make opposite characters look sir thomas more attractive, like a Pet butch or Bromantic sheet metal (a raunchy best friend that demonstrates how well-adjusted or privileged the Protagonist is). Even if not the proponent herself, she may be part of the Beta Couple or a Breakout Character.

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Sha Nay Nay Was That Martin Lawrence's creature property or Jamie Fox's pistillate Character? I used this language unit in the writing system I had to form for class. You ones querulous about that fact need to shut up and deal wit it. My boyfriends baby mater family Keisha Its joint n ghetto I like it - lovefrombadlands Shabooboo Shabooboo just sounds similar thing you'd repute a Pokemon. Sounds like a nestling figure This is totally my friends fashionable dent name. - Winchester Girl26 Sharkeisha independent imaginary being in sharknado? Plus, this is supposed to be funny, but it can move off as offensive. - downcast transparent gem Ice seasoning The exclusive real name on present is Harrison.

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