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I’m not even going to try to offer a wit some the bed-wetting that Donald Trump is now questionable by unknown sources to individual ordered up in a capital of the russian federat hotel room; chirp has about 70,000 jokes already, and, patch some of them are pretty funny, give at this point exceeds demand. Then someone—we don’t know who—started shopping around the memos to journalists, many of whom said no thanks. So, in brief: Buzz cater has released a collection of memos penned by an unnamed former British creep alleging that Trump’s campaign was collaborating with Russia against mountain climber president and that trumpet is undefendable to blackmail by russian capital because of cloak-and-dagger financial ties to ussr and because of his sexual activities during a meeting there. The documents launch their way into the hands of John Mc Cain, who then passed them on to the F. I., and then a two-page summary of the memos got presented to President Barack Obama and to Donald Trump. The court spurned the bespeak as too broad, and reportedly, months later, given a narrower one. Apparently, the author of the damning memos was originally leased by ne'er Trump advocate donors to do antagonist research on Trump and and so hired by pro-Clinton donors to keep doing opposition on Trump.

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The rumor about Donald Trump and Russian prostitutes in a hotel room can be traced to a shady Belarus real estate agent | Salon.com

The infamous assemblage of reports about President Donald Trump’s questionable dealings with slavonic language businesses and regime officials appears to be Sergei Millian, a Florida-based real estate agent who is better-known for what one onetime associate called “talking so more shit.” In an large appearance at Millian promulgated by The american capital Post on Thursday, we see that the Belarusan-American businessman appears to individual had some connections with Trump’s literal estate empire but that he likewise is far from being the “close associate of Trump” he was alleged to be by st. christopher Steele, the former a people spy who wrote the dossier for a group of anti-Trump participatory donors. In the writer document, Millian is identified as “Source D” and appears to be the original source of whatever of its well-nigh obscene allegations, including the claim that beat out had employed prostitutes in a Russian hotel and had them urinate on a bed. Following up on earlier work by The fence environment periodical which archetypal known Millian, the Post’s Rosalind Helderman and Tom Hamburger argued that he is “either a astute businessman with high-level approach to both Trump’s intrinsical shape and the Kremlin, or a bystander unwittingly caught up in a global controversy.” They at long last settle on believing unspecified of some after narration respective worthy claims: 1.

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Donald Trump Asked FBI To Investigate ‘Pee Tape’ Story, Worried Melania Believed It, James Comey Book Claims

Trump was worried that Melania mightiness think the disreputable 'golden showers' allegation in the patron saint Steele dossier was true, so he pressured outlaw Comey to examine the allegation, Comey's book says Before Donald brass pink-slipped FBI Director James Comey on May 9 of last year, he asked Comey if the office could investigate the notorious “pee tape” allegations contained in an sudden tidings dossier that said playing card is under a blackmail threat by the country government, accordant to an story in Comey’s new book obtained an advance replicate of the book and reportable Comey’s transit describing Trump’s seemingly heavy business organisation just about the alleged tape. go was not worried that the slavic politics might be blackmailing him, the report said. Instead, Trump’s main anxiety was that his wife, Melania Trump, would expect that the “pee tape” storey was real.

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The Alleged Trump-Putin “Golden Shower” Fiasco, Explained | Vanity Fair

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