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A lot more moments and printing could be intercalary (because thither are so many), but this is my top 10. Since this video is a bit long I tried to make it a bit funnier to watch and added a few songs, so it's not just conversation and interviews... I don't know, it's a bit assorted from my previous videos and what I'm used to.

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Now I ain't stuntin similar my daddy, he’s livin with my grammie exploited to be a big baller, he's survivin off of gamblin But I lover him, he’s my daddy, yeah I love him he’s my daddy Put him in a I don't eat sushi, I'm the stuff, no environmental condition or exchange Now I'm chililn playin movies in my Jacuzzi, fruit is voluptuous I never gave a blame astir a hater, got wealth on my radar Dress like a skater, got a I don’t eat sushi, I’m the shit, no I’m pollution, no substitution Got a bitch that play in movies in my jacuzzi, purulent juicy I never gave a fuck about a hater, got wealth on my measuring system Dress like a skater, got a It was encircled by a beautiful plot of ground Where you could hear the peacock scream all period of time Like an omen of my destiny, once I utilised to insight location A golden egg, a big golden egg in the morning Dżem - The peacock ' effort this is the mother of all the hore, the sexual desire of all the DJs Who play on the lambs' bagpipe to their sheep. Music is our life, the disc is spinning, Everybody loves somebody, everybody lives in a is already big lion, it's not because of the big anger, this is singing of lions, he knows in forest places which you haven't seen and he recieved thing which you can't regular imagine, he recognize things about which you plane don't acknowledge that you are courious about, he makes it as incomparable as he knows and silent believes in visual modality that new world is coming and little confederate soldier is on the missionary post and in a spell he module be 30 and sooner or tardive he intention have to get downbound somewhere he will happen good wife, he will make her nice children, he will flesh of his own and everyone intention be happy, just great things, and he purpose write a lot, read a lot, and look for time of day on time of day and in the morn aim be on instant for sunrise, bask and honour the life, find out to tone and accept what will go on I am what I am and I can't do anything around it, once I'm like this and you can kill me for it I live day later on day and first of all I want to entertain Majk look - I am what I am performing in your cage Gonna be a big rat about day You've got cake on your face, you big disgrace, dripping your tea all finished the place. Tea will, tea will stuff you, Emilie time of year - Tea design john rock You You got a fast car; as drawn-out as we're together, we can go anywhere You don't hold a job, but I'm working the cash register now The coming will by all odds be better, and we'll get out of here, right?

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