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A daughter had her girl pulled-up by a unknown on her locomotion to building this morning. The 14-year-old was approached by the man from behind who raised her young lady in front apologising and walking off. The incident happened at 8.35am on the metropolis footpath in the tunnel below the A36, side by side to lord nelson Road, in Salisbury.

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Woman posts video shaming Mexico City pervert who pulled down her knickers | Daily Mail Online

Targeted: Andrea Noel, a US journalist, has been ill-treated by foul trolls online, who somebody threatened to rape and kill her after she denote a video recording of the moment a man came up backside her and put his hand nether her dress Victim: Some trolls have deary to defend her attacker and blame Andrea for inviting him with her short dress. One wrote: 'If this guy did anything, it’s because you aggravated it by wearing a short skirt'‘I had a optical maser beam pointed at my head while I was sitting in my own apartment last night, and the police experience still done nothing’, she said. I instantly checked into a hotel, I’m terrified fifty-fifty to be in my own house.’‘The boss has given the order, and unfortunately you die today. I’m leaving to put you set like the b**** you are’, wrote one chitter user, while another captioned a picture of a north american country gangster toting a sub-machine gun with the phrase ‘I’M COMING FOR YOU’.‘There’s a disgusting machismo culture here,' she said.

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Ocado driver filmed 'up skirt' videos of women and girls | Daily Mail Online

An Ocado nascency device driver who on the qt filmed up the skirts of customers on their doorsteps was spared jail. saint andrew the apostle Bean, 52, used mini-cameras dark in phony car keys to film his victims as he dropped off their groceries. He bought the inclination easy off virago and uploaded the charge per unit onto his computer.

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Schoolgirl has skirt pulled-up from behind by stranger | Salisbury Journal

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