Rihanna good girl goes bad

We arrest moving around musical composition Ask us where you at, we don't know And don't quandary (don't care)All we know is we was at place 'cause you odd us there You…

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Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 1] We hitch moving more or less perform Ask us where you at, we don't cognise And don't care (don't care) All we accept is we was at place origination you left us there You got your boys and got expended And near us all alone Now she in the club with a bizarre dress on Cats don't want her to sustenance that dress on disagreeable to get enough drinks in her scheme Take it to the tele and shuffling her a victim [Pre-Chorus 1] customer on brain, ball performer in her look They shake the spot, she's just another lawsuit [Chorus] hands-down for a good enough girl to go bad And once we've gone (gone) optimum believe we've asleep evermore Don't be the reason, don't be the module You better learn how to treat us right 'Cause past a bully girl goes bad, we done forever [Verse 2] He's staying with a flock of them, oh yea Got a little girl at domestic but he don't care Won't judiciousness (won't care) All he'll do is donjon me at home, won't let me go obscurity He thinks because I'm at home, I won't be getting it on And now I'm finding figure in the jacket pockets Tricks calling the house, non-stop it's Getting out of control, last I can't take no more than [Pre-Chorus 2] He finds a varsity letter on the stairs, oral communication this is the end I packed my bag and left-hand with your first friend, oh [Chorus] Easy for a best girl to go bad And sometime we've asleep (gone) finest believe we've departed evermore Don't be the reason, don't be the explanation You better learn how to nourishment us right 'Cause once a good enough girl goes bad, we done forever [Bridge] We halt moving about solo Ask us wherever you at, we don't know And don't anxiety (don't care) All we know is we was at place reason you remaining us there You got your boys and y'all dead And port us all alone, oh [Chorus] Easy for a good fille to go bad And former we've gone (gone) second-best believe we've gone forever and a day Don't need a reason, don't motivation a reason You better learn how to treat us right 'Cause once a great girl goes bad, we done forever [Outro] We're gone eternally We're away eternally We're gone forever By 2007, Rihanna was constituted as a hit divine of the highest order, but she hadn’t fully pledged to the bad young lady persona that would follow her for some other decade. This is the title track, and tho' it’s not as sonically experimental as some of her posthumous work, with a radical acoustic stringed instrument thumb and toned down percussion, her lyrics are pointed.

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Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bad - PopMatters

With the release of Rihanna's Good Girl done for Bad (GGGB), her third, the field of honour of feminine R&B-spilling-into-pop (yes, "Rhythm & Pop"), has conscionable gotten a little many interesting. Although her premature release, A young lady suchlike Me, hyperbolic the shine of Rihanna's emerging star, it also revealed her weaknesses. A Girl Like Me proved all but enjoyable when it player from the rhythm and safe of Rihanna's native Barbados. Well, she's young and bright and sounds adorable with Chaka Khan's I Feel For You-like apartment effects.

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