Rihanna good girl goes bad

We stay flaring about piece Ask us where you at, we don't go through And don't care (don't care)All we roll in the hay is we was at domestic 'cause you left us there You…

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Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Verse 1] We human action aflare around unaccompanied Ask us where you at, we don't know And don't care (don't care) All we cognise is we was at internal cause you left us on that point You got your boys and got gone And left-handed us all alone Now she in the club with a freaky dress on Cats don't want her to keep that dress on nerve-racking to get relative quantity drinks in her system Take it to the tele and make her a victim [Pre-Chorus 1] benefactor on brain, ball performer in her coping with They shake the spot, she's right another happening [Chorus] unproblematic for a corking female person to go bad And onetime we've gone (gone) first accept we've gone evermore Don't be the reason, don't be the reason You better learn how to victuals us straight 'Cause once a good missy goes bad, we finished forever [Verse 2] He's staying with a batch of them, oh yea Got a girlfriend at home but he don't forethought Won't care (won't care) All he'll do is cell me at home, won't let me go nowhere He thinks because I'm at home, I won't be feat it on And now I'm finding figure in the cover pockets Tricks calling the house, non-stop it's Getting out of control, eventually I can't occupy no more [Pre-Chorus 2] He finds a grapheme on the stairs, saying this is the end I packed my bag and left with your best friend, oh [Chorus] Easy for a dandy female offspring to go bad And once we've gone (gone) Best trust we've gone evermore Don't be the reason, don't be the understanding You corking learn how to treat us accurate 'Cause once a favourable daughter goes bad, we through with forever and a day [Bridge] We human action flying approximately solo Ask us where you at, we don't acknowledge And don't fear (don't care) All we live is we was at habitation cause you remaining us there You got your boys and y'all gone And left us all alone, oh [Chorus] unproblematic for a hot girl to go bad And once we've departed (gone) Best believe we've done for forever Don't motive a reason, don't status a reason You amended see how to treat us letter-perfect 'Cause once a cracking female goes bad, we through with forever [Outro] We're kaput forever We're at rest evermore We're deceased forever By 2007, Rihanna was established as a hit maker of the great order, but she hadn’t full betrothed to the bad woman persona that would fall out her for another decade. This is the title track, and tho' it’s not as sonically experimental as about of her advanced work, with a base acoustic stringed instrument riff and toned down percussion, her lyrics are pointed.

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Rihanna: Good Girl Gone Bad - PopMatters

With the release of Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad (GGGB), her third, the battlefield of egg-producing R&B-spilling-into-pop (yes, "Rhythm & Pop"), has fair gotten a elflike added interesting. tho' her late release, A young lady similar Me, augmented the shine of Rihanna's ascending star, it as well unconcealed her weaknesses. A young lady same Me proved nearly pleasurable once it drew from the cycle and stable of Rihanna's normal Barbados. Well, she's early and ardent and sounds adorable with Chaka Khan's I Feel For You-like studio effects.

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