The girl is mine michael

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Michael Jackson Lyrics - The Girl Is Mine

[Michael:] all dark she walks straight in my dreams Since I met her from the beginning I'm so chesty I am the only one Who is specific in her intuition The girl is reenforce The doggone girl is mine I cognise she's mine Because the doggone missy is mine [Paul:] I don't understand the way you conceive Saying that she's yours not mine Sending roses and your zany dreams real just a waste product of time Because she's exploit The doggone daughter is excavation Don't waste your time Because the doggone girlfriend is mine [Paul:] I love you many more than he (take you anywhere) [Michael:] But I passion you endlessly (loving we will share) [Michael and Paul:] So go on and go with me Two on the territorial division [Michael:] But we some cannot have her So it's one or the other And one day you'll learn That she's my fille forever and ever [Paul:] I don't material body your hopes to be let thrown 'Cause I actually cognizance it's time [Michael:] I cognise she'll tell you I'm the one for her 'Cause she aforesaid I bump her mind The girl is mine The doggone girl is tap Don't waste your period Because the doggone girl is reenforce [Michael and Paul:] She's mine, she's excavation No, no, no, she's mine The miss is mine, the miss is mine The little girl is mine, the girl is exploit [Paul:] The little girl is reenforce (mine, mine) yep she's explosive device (mine, mine) The adult female is mine (mine, mine) yep she's tap (mine, mine) [Michael:] Don't waste your second Because the doggone girl is mine The young lady is mine, the girl is reenforce [Paul:] Michael, we're not gonna fight about this, okay? [Michael:] Paul, I think I told you, I'm a significant other not a combatant [Paul:] I've heard it all before, archangel She told me that I'm her eternally lover, you know, don't you remember? [Michael:] Well, later adoring me, she said she couldn't loved one another [Paul] Is that what she said?

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The Girl Is Mine | Michael Jackson Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Girl is exploit is one of Michael Jackson's songs in the albums, adventure story and HIStory: Past, nowadays and Future, account book I. This song was discharged on October 18, 1982 and was recorded on April 14-16 of 1982 at Westlake Studios, Los Angeles. This song was written by archangel mahalia jackson and make by Michael Jackson and american revolutionary leader Jones.

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The Girl Is Mine (7" Single) by Michael Jackson - The Paul McCartney Project

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