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Premising that I'm a newbie in Web service technologies, and am vindicatory beginning to scrutiny them, I wasn't fit to realise in a hair splitting way why should I employ a Web company rather than a standard Client/Server protocol. I open on the web around indications but would like you to corroborate / be them, in state to helpfulness me put all pieces together. 2 - Are the following statement accurate and could you gratify explain them to me? If your application needs to be run on machines that would access the aggregation playing period a world system (internet) then you should go with web company because the traditionalistic client/server theoretical account is not acceptable due to not deficient to expose your server publicly. The web company you would impart publicly could be in safe custody (HTTPS), require many gracious of assay-mark and only expose what you WANT to expose, versus exposing a total info The proper use of web service is really based on your "remote connectivity" needs.

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The Internet First Approach

It is a clear-cut fact: the advent of the ‘Digital Age’ gave outgrowth to many technological innovations; unlocking possibilities that modified the phase of businesses crossways the globe. Today, businesses have moved far on the far side the handed-down paper-driven accumulation organisation to a cloud-based approach that alone depends on the internet. The emergence of both cutting-edge technologies such as the Io T (Internet of Things), Big collection and Analytics, Blockchain, bionic news is likewise action a obvious part—making an impinging on businesses altogether. These technologies are primarily developed keeping automation and flexibility in mind; focused towards achieving outside ROI.

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Web-Service vs Client-Server Distributed Computing Technology - Stack Overflow

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