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Elongate, fusiform torso shape with 60-66 vertebrae, 3-4 abaxial spines, 10-12 dorsal cheeselike rays, 3-4 porta spines, 8-12 opening cheeselike rays, 19 caudal rays. No nuptial tubercles but minor changes pass to the head, porta and colour in spawning males. Coloration dejected to olive sick above a pink band along the passing line and silvery below. Back, sides, head and fins beaded with small black spots.

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Acacia Bark (Acacia decurrens) powerfully astringent, babul is used to undertake and toughen secretion membranes throughout the dead body in over-much the same way as hag hazel or oak mouth does. Babul may be ready-made into a variety of preparations: for instance, a lotion for bleeding gums, a mouthwash for tender throats, a wash for eczema, an lotion for redness and different eye problems, and a douche for immoderate vaginal discharge. The herb is purloined internally to treat diarrhea, mainly in the form of a decoction.

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FAO Fisheries & Aquaculture Oncorhynchus mykiss

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