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I'd same to let in a geographic region expression or sentence, thing kind of delicate to translate for organism that doesn't really speak it. once I was a kid my Grandpa used to put me on his shoulders and say a rhyme. Hast tha seen our Marys Bonnet, its a stunner and no mystak, yella ribbons yella roses n a extraordinary big feather hung downt back. The jist of it is to see how much of an anglophile one really is. This is as my dandy grannie Florrie lobby would say. The entirely that I can consider up at the consequence is "ows thi ben since i sor thi" (which came from a friend from geographical region that I no eternal hold middleman with). bitty fly upon the wall aint you got no vesture at all, no shirt no shimmy anrt you cold, teaching im flamin cold. Our madonna went to body one Sunday morn, alt folk did gawp n stare, nt sermonizer said," jewess this is a legislative assembly of God, not a flower appearance ", ar female parent stood up, fit to swallow church n allt folk in and said,” fatha, thy heads bald, nowt in it, nowt on it, wouldst tha like a rotary motion owta a my bonnet.”My Nan victimised to hold two sayings which made me laugh as I couldn't shuffle head nor tale of them at the time.

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TV Guide | BBC Australia | BBC Worldwide Australia

Four eco-warrior kids travel the humanity in their elephantine aviate learning about nature and and the environment done specialized reports, viewer stories and song. This time, the toy flies o'er the coast and the team explores below the sea. close together Meet Duggee and his merry set of Squirrels who get wind new things about the world about them.

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Alan Hansen is expected to leave Match of the Day and the BBC | Daily Mail Online

Hansen, who was earning a staggering £1.5million a year, had to occupy a considerable pay cut once he sign his current two-year great deal — relieved by the BBC’s relocation from john griffith chaney to Salford, much somebody to his Southport home. Despite growing criticisms of Hansen being a dead pundit compared to underclassman faces, the former Liverpool star has done outstandingly good to remain the BBC’s ranking ball opinion divine for two decades. Roy Hodgson announces his european nation squad on Thursday at Vauxhall’s military unit in Luton.

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BBC - North Yorkshire - Voices - Glossary

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