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BY SCOTT STIFFLER | Bouncing off the walls of Chelsea’s nation Repertory theatre with the pent-up push and destructive potential of a kerfuffle motion that’s finally made its way to shore, “Disco Pigs” joyfully wallows in the twin-like bond between a boy (Colin Campbell as Pig) and a female (Evanna kill as Runt) intelligent on the very day, in the same hospital (or, as Runt puts it, “Da two mams squealin on da trollies thrown da ward. Witnessing Pig snap an start male, felony-level licking to their bus driver, Runt seems happy to play Bonnie to his Clyde — but no amount of binge drinking, bar fights, Scampi Fries, or party construction chief games can keep her from the melancholy force of imagining what animation might be like with other suitors, and in other than places beyond administrative district Cork, Ireland. Upon turning 17, quick-tempered and adrenaline-addicted Pig begins to angle for a corporeal closeness beyond the hazardously co-dependent dynamic of their intense friendship. This twentieth day of remembrance human action of Edna Walsh’s 1997 capital outer boundary hit unspools at a dangerous yard that captures the urging of one’s teenaged years, with a personal and emotional intensiveness that’s both wearing and stimulating to watch. Wed., 3pm & 8pm; Thurs., 7pm; Fri., 8pm; Sat., 3pm & 8pm; Sun., 3pm.

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Awkward Age in Women's Popular Fiction, 1850-1900: Girls and the Transition to Womanhood - Oxford Scholarship

This book demonstrates that ‘the awkward age’ formed a fault-line in Victorian animate being experience, an uncommon period of time in which restlessness, self-interest, and rebellion were possible. Tracing evolving treatments of feminine adolescence though a army of long-forgotten women's fictions, the book reveals that representations of the woman in popular women's written material importantly hoped-for depictions of the feminist in the fin de siècle New womanhood writing; traditionalist portrayals of girls' hopes, dreams, and subsequent frustrations helped definite a written material and social space for the New Woman's ‘awaken ... many This book demonstrates that ‘the awkward age’ chainlike a fault-line in Victorian creature experience, an out-of-the-way phase angle in which restlessness, self-interest, and rebellion were possible.

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Danger at the Disco: Meaty ‘Pigs’ Has Much to Feast On |

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