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Born Again Christians (1998) is the first ever Louis Theroux documentary, the introductory episode of the premier ordering of joseph louis barrow Theroux’s Weird Weekends. He visits metropolis to investigate the man of fundamentalist Christians, encounter TV evangelists Marcus Lamb and Joni Lamb and follows a hardline groups of Christians known as The family line (now known as family unit International) as they visit the main entertainment district of Dallas. This documentary was make a few period after Marcus Lamb and Joni Lamb founded their Daystar Television Network, which has since adult to go the forward largest Christian TV network in the humankind which broadcasts in play 200 countries and has an calculable commercialism value of $230m.

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Jackie Chan's Estranged Daughter Publicly Comes Out as a Lesbian | E! News

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Louis Theroux: Born Again Christians | Documentary Vine

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