Amateur spread spectrum allowed

Which states in short-term that an authorized scheme includes its marketed antenna and other components and necessary always be used in its daring configuration in which it was authorized, and should not be modifed. Amateur equipment does not require certification / authorization, and hams may use instrumentation that has been documented for another service on recreational frequencies. 97.315] Under location 97 you can de jure change these devices, exploitation (homebrew) pre-amps, RF amplifiers, and advanced gain antennas. other somewhat big advantage is the amount of realizable radiated land low-level concern 97.

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Advancing Ham Radio.. different ideas: Spread Spectrum

Spread spectrum is a radio method that continuously alters its transmission system pattern either by perpetually dynamic carrier frequencies or by constantly dynamical the accumulation pattern. If you speech act why, then let me import out that in orderliness to support a high speed or multi-media transmissions you will condition a bit of bandwidth. The 2 meter band is exclusively 4 MHz wide, and already well populated.

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Run ROS, Go Directly To Jail (Do Not Collect QSL Card)???? •

There's been a tumult terminated the new ROS appendage modality going away on in radio soul blogademia and on radio communication ramateur reflectors. ) Apparently ARRL has advised someone that ROS is spread spectrum and hence is illegal at a lower place 222 Mhz in the US. The non-automatic for ROS describes it as "a digital communication software system supported on a FSK prosody of 144 tones". That's incredibly vague, but in essence cattle ranch orbit is attractive a incitation and scattering out its bandwidth in ordination to improve interference immunity and/or obscure the intelligence.

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Part 97 vs Part 15 and Permissible Power Comparison

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