Girl baby names starting with a

Aabha = Glow Aabharana = Jewel Aadarshini = high-flown Aadhya = the beginning, archetypal Aadita = from the first Aadrika = Mountain Aahlaadita = bubbling with delight Aahna = Existance Aakanksha = desire, expectation Aakriti = spatiality Aaloka = glossy Aamaal = hopes/ aspirations Aamani = leap season (vasanth ritu) Aamrapali = sheet of paper of mangifera indica tree diagram Aanandamayee = Joyous Aanandi = ever euphoric Aanandita = The content one Aanchal = cautionary shelter Aaniya Aapti = fulfilment Aaral = bloom Aaradhya = Worshipped, adorable Aaratrika = source of illumination to a lower place 'Tulsi' plant Aarati = Worship usage with lamps Aarika = loved for looks Aarini = Adventerous Aarna = god hindu deity Aarohi = A medicine tune Aarti = worship ritual with lamps Aarushi = archetypal rays of the sun Aasha = anticipation Aashalata = individual plant of hope Aashi = Smile Aashiyana = shelter, better-looking internal Aashna = beloved; dedicated to love Aashni = atmospheric electricity Aashritha = dependable Aasia Aastha = faith Aathmika = concerned to soul, soul officer Aatmaja = daughter, heartfelt to the soul Aayushi = one with a long life Abha = burnished visual aspect Abhaya = fearless Abhijaata = intelligent with a hot pedigree Abhijita = successful woman Abhilasha = wish, desire Abhimani = who possess experience Abhipsa = beardown desire Abhira = cow throng Abhiri = an american indian penalty rag Abhirami = Goddess hindu deity Abhiruchi = one's taste, beautiful Abhirupa = beautiful woman Abhisarika = companion, beloved one Abishta = noblewoman of the house Abhitha = brave (Goddess Parvati) Abirami = Godess Lakshmi Ablaa = absolutely formed Aboli = the name of a peak Achala = unshakeble, mountainous Achla = the earth, stabile indian shot = precise momentary Ad-Al Adhira = Lightning Adhishree = rarefied Adishakti = divinity hindu deity Aditi = guest, engender of the gods Aditri = divinity Lakshmi Adrika = celestial Advika = single Adwita = Unique Adwiteya = alone Adwitiya = Matchless Adya = first Agamya = Knowledge; mental object Aghanashini = destroyer of sins Agnishikha = flames of onrush Agrata = position Agrima = leaders Agriya = eldest and best Ahalya = mate of Rishi Gautama Ahimsa = passive morality Ahladita = joyous, in happy status Aishani = Goddess Durga Aishi = God's gift Aishwarya = prosperous Ajaa = hindu deity Aja = One who is self echt Ajala = the land Ajastha Ajaya = inexpugnable Ajita = a person Akane = person you can't act adoring Akanksha = Wish, first moment Akashleena = leading Akhila = whole, dead Akira = flowing intensity Akriti = shape Akshadha = God's blessings Akshainie = Goddess Parvati Akshara = letters, characters Akshata = cereal Akshayaa = indestructible Akshi = existence, eye Akshita = permanent Akula = god anapurna Akuti = blue blood Alaina = dear child Alak = World; beautiful tresses Alaknanda = Name of a river Alaka = a girl with lovely hair, beauty Alakananda = folk of a river Alankrita = decked up lady, decorated Alda = comfortable Alekhya = A painting or a Painting Alisha = Protected Alka Almas = atomic number 6 Aloki = Brightness Alopa = immaculate Alpa = little Alpana = beautiful Alpita Am Amal = bright, clean, pure; expectancy Amala = the plain one Amaldeepti = Camphor Amara = grass, immortal Amaris = nestling of the moonshine Amba = immortal hindu deity Ambaalika = inspiration Ambar = Sky Ambika = give care divinity Ambu = liquid Ambuda = Cloud Ambuja = god hindu deity Ami = Nectar Amidi Amisha = glorious Amishi = Pure Amishta Amita = unlimited Amithi = Unique Amiti = Boundless Amitjyoti = boundless luminousness Amitrasudan = Destroyer of enemies Amiya = Delightful Amla = Pure, a good-natured of berry Amlankusum = immortal flower Amlika = Tamerind Ammu = pet daughter in Malayalam Amoda = Happiness Amodini = Pleasureable Amolika = Priceless Amoolya = Precious Amrapali = adherent of gautama Amrita = full of kickshaw Amritambu = sun myung moon Amritaya = the Immortal.

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Girls Names that start with A - Best Names for Girls with A (updated 2017) -

Girls' names beginning with: Choosing the right figure for your new fille miss is critical. mouse click for a random name, see ALL babies names, or the top girls' names. Here is a listing of names for girls that commence with the grapheme "A".

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Girl Baby Names Beginning with the letter L

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Indian baby names, Hindu baby names, Indian girl names, Hindu girl names, Hindu baby girl names - Names starting with letter A

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