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(C) & (P) 2015 Global Records Booking & Licensing: socialism Booking: 40.751.013.745 Romania: 40.757.104.166 [email protected] [email protected] albumul NGOC de pe i Tunes: Spotify: OGw TZt SWQ1D Muzica: Carla's Dreams Text: Carla's Dreams Productie: Carla's Dreams, Alex Cotoi, hairdo Botezan, Sebastian Barac Directed by: Roman Burlaca Second Director: Matei Dima D. P.: st. george Secrieru, Bogdan Daragiu make by: globular RECORDS & BR Films Carla's Dreams Online: Records Online: Records Com drepturile sunt rezervate. Orice transfer neautorizat al acestui videoclip este ilegal si poate fi raportat oricand la Youtube. Unauthorized procreation is a violation of relevant laws. In order to forbid right of first publication infringement, please do not upload this video on your channel.

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Carla's Dreams - Te Rog | Official Video - youtube видео и клипы, смотреть или скачать ютуб видео Carla's Dreams - Te Rog | Official Video на сайте

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