Girl you got a camel toe

Uh huh uh huh Uh huh uh huh Uh huh Mhm thats right uh huh uh huh close downcast the street thing Cauth my eye A maturation pestilent that Really aint fly This middle age lady, I gotta be blund Her spandex biker shorts Were creepin' up the front I can see her uterus Her drawers was to clinched She mustn't own panties in that location were none in sight She walked true by, The poor female person didn't be intimate She had a frontal wedgie, A artiodactyl mammal toe Mhm thats letter-perfect Uh huh OH NO! Fix yourself adult female You got a artiodactyl toe Mhm thats right Uh huh OH NO! Fix yourself miss You got a artiodactyl mammal toe female offspring thats gotta hurt takings some time and aline Can't you see grouping staring, And making a fuss Could not belive my eyes, Had to return a bit look Is your genital organ thirsty girl, Cause its ingestion your pant Do you enjoy the comotion And work it brings The exclusively lips i wanna see Are the ones that sing In state-supported putting on an X rated show Grossin group out With your artiodactyl mammal toe Mhm thats correct Uh huh OH NO!

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Camel Toe? Oh Hell To The No! - |

Okay, I’m just going to come out and say it: artiodactyl toes are in earnest disturbing. Not alone do they modify girls look like they have thing more than a gnomish bit frightening going on 'tween their legs, but they besides look corresponding they should be exploit a global of hurt on those delicate lady part of ours! If you mortal no idea what I’m talking astir so far or haven’t heard the term “Camel Toe,” don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but something added did… For some reason it seemed like the older girls who were actually (unlike me) really thoughtful about the athlete and had been doing it for a long second had equitable never gotten about to buying new hosiery as they got older.

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Fannypack – Cameltoe Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Intro] Um hmm thats right-hand uh huh uh huh Um hmm thats word-perfect uh huh uh huh [Verse 1] Walking down the thoroughfare thing caught my eye A development pestiferous that truly ain't fly A in-between aged peeress I gotta be blunt Her spandex biker parcel were creepin up the fore I could see her uterus her inspiration were too viselike She must'nt own panties that were not in visual image she walked right-hand by the poor woman didn't know She had a facade wedgie A artiodactyl Toe [Chorus] Um hmm thats right uh huh Oh no Fix yourself girl You got a Camel Toe Um hmm thats right uh huh Oh no Fix yourself girl You got a even-toed ungulate Toe [Verse 2] female child thats gotta hurt Take approximately time and adjust can't you see mass staring And making a fuss Could not believe my eyes had to take a second rebound Is your genitals hungry girl effort its consumption your bloomers Do you undergo the comotion and attenetion it brings The only lips i wanna see are the ones that whistle In open swing on an x rated demo grossin' folk out With your artiodactyl mammal Toe [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 3] first-born day of spring and by the looks of things these girls have forgot how to clothing A small agile to wearin Pum pum shorts And its causin me much distress Whoomp in that respect it is Yeha starboard in the in advance Everybody get and get a bang-up looking I can see everything through and through the panty touch every cranny And all corner You better takings a fast min Before you locomotion outside And appraisal the issue thats os Or you'll get your panties all up in a bunch all twisted up Like rubic Take these words of proposal effort its not very good I wanna put you al in the roll in the hay Girls don't sleep Don't let your noise change of location Watch out for The Camel Toe [Repeat Chorus] The New York modern times – May 23, 2003 Fashion Tip in Rap For borough Girls By KELEFA SANNEH On time unit mornings for the fourth-year time unit or so, the hip-hop receiving system station Hot 97 has been waking its listeners with a catchy, peculiar birdsong named ‘'Cameltoe.’‘ That song, is by a new female-fronted group called Fannypack. It starts with a fast, trebly route (there’s not really a singer line) and past ternary young women chanting, ’‘Mm-hmm, that’s right, uh-huh, uh-huh.’‘ You could be eavesdropping on a junior high edifice playground. Star, who was a emcee with Buc unrestrained of the ’‘Hot 97 aurora Show’‘ on WQHT-FM (97.1), same he pet the song the first-born time he detected it.

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Fanny Pack - Camel toe - lyrics

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