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Rogue shelter was a fanfiction femslash deposit for Susan Ivanova and Talia Winters. It is documented hera as part of the OTW's Geo Cities carry through Project. A gallery of [fanart], including drawings, photomanipulations (wallpaper and banners), chibis and cartoons by: hour on the Firing Line (enter austral belle, Mizzy Winters inta C&C) Talia: Evenin', Loootenant Commander Ivanova. Talia: Iffen yuh don't noesis mah introducing mahself, Ah'm Talia Winters, at yoor service, ma'am. The fanfiction was mostly linked off site to new archives or the authors' own pages. Ladies and Gentlemen We Are unsettled In area by Spiritualized and Damn, I indirect request I Was Your Lover by Sophie B. Maaah, ain't yoo prettier than magnolias in time of year nightime bloom, Ah reckon. accredited commercialised telepath, Psi-Corps assessment P-5, entertained tuh meetch y'all.

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Talia Winters, Babylon 5 - LGBT Fans Deserve Better

Show: Babylon 5TV: Cable / Network: PTENCharacter Status: rhythmical Endgame: departed Orientation: sensualist entertainment Status: Over Tropes: Bisexual Erasure, Bury Your Gays Introduced in: 1994-1995 / Final season: 1995-1996Appeared in seasons: 1994-1995, 1995-1996 Susan Ivanova’s family relationship with Talia Winters was ne'er expressly shown on screen, but only implied. Straczynski and actors Claudia Christian and Andrea Thompson stated they e'er supposed the relationship 'tween the two characters to be romantic. Thompson stated: “Once I started thought approximately it, the more I thought it could be really, really interesting if they really explored it as though two women are in love, instead of doing it gratuitously… It doesn’t bother me at all and I would merrily do a dear story.

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Faith and Good Works, a babylon 5 fanfic | FanFiction

DISCLAIMER: Babylon 5 and all its characters are in hand by J. This is my first period of time flat attempting this pairing. The fast was "." Contains some wispy spoilers finished Season 4, and a bit of "survivor guilt" angsty-ness, fitting as a warning. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was in the beginning announce elsewhere on , and was scrawled for the greenish brew & Kisses: The [Totally Not] reference work femslash_today Porn Battle.

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Rogue Sanctuary - Fanlore

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