Sour girl acoustic tab

Verse chords: e-5---5---1---3- B-3---6---1---3- G-x---5---2---4- D-4---x---3---5- A-0---x---3---5- E-x---5---1---3- utter - Bb F C G Bb F G She inverted away, what was she looking at at? She was a happy girl the day that she leftover me She turned away what was she looking at? She was a glad fille when she left me What would you do?

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Sour Girl Tab by Stone Temple Pilots | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm

× Songsterr tab file away is collaboratively improved and maintained by your associate music lovers. Anyone can submit error reports, contribute new tabs and brand changes to present ones. With your help, we can build a collection of precise tabs for every conceivable opus out there.

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Sour Girl guitar tab by Stone Temple Pilots @

------------------------------------------- |=========================================| |====STPSTP================STPSTPSTPSTP===| |===STPSTP===STPSTPSTPSTP==STP====STPSTP==| |==STPSTP====STPSTPSTPSTP==STP=====STPSTP=| |=STPSTP=====STPSTPSTPSTP==STP=====STPSTP=| |=STPSTP========STPSTP=====STP====STPSTP==| |==STPSTP=======STPSTP=====STPSTPSTPSTP===| |===STPSTP======STPSTP=====STPSTP=========| |==STPSTP=======STPSTP=====STPSTP=========| |=STPSTP========STPSTP=====STPSTP=========| |STPSTP====================STPSTP=========| |=========================================| ------------------------------------------- Tabs: Song: "Sour Girl" Band: rock Temple Pilots Album: No. She was a happy female person once she left-handed me Chorus: What would you do? He was so happy on the day that he met her Say, what are you looking at? She was a happy girlfriend the day that she left me She turned away, what was she looking at She was a rancid adult female the day that she met me Hey, what are you looking for at? I go Verse: Don't turning away, what are you looking at? Verses: @ e----5---5-----1---3--3--3------------------------------------------- B----3---6-----1---3--3--3------------------------------------------- G----4---5-----2---4--5--4------------------------------------------- D----5---7-----3---5--x--5------------------------------------------- A--------------3---5--5--5------------------------------------------- E--------------1---3--3--3------------------------------------------- Chorus: First * * e----6-----5-----8-----3---------x-----1-----3----8-----10---------------- B----6-----6-----8-----3---------3-----1-----3----8-----10---------------- G----7-----5-----9-----4---------3-----2-----4----9-----11---------------- D----8-----7-----10----5---------3-----3-----5----10----12---------------- A----8-----x-----10----5---------1-----3-----5----10----12---------------- E----6-----5-----8-----3---------x-----1-----3----8-----10---------------- Bb F C G Bb F G C D * = single strum Chorus: Second e----6-----1-----8-----3---------6-----1-----3---------------------------- B----6-----1-----8-----3---------6-----1-----3---------------------------- G----7-----2-----9-----4---------7-----2-----4---------------------------- D----8-----3-----10----5---------8-----3-----5---------------------------- A----8-----3-----10----5---------8-----3-----5---------------------------- E----6-----1-----8-----3---------6-----1-----3---------------------------- Bb F C G Bb F G Verse: She upset away, what was she looking at She was a acerb girl the day that she met me Hey, what are you looking at?

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Sour Girl by Stone Temple Pilots, Chords & Lyrics @ The Acoustic Binder

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