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Main characterization Index | Izuku Midoriya | All Might | pedagogy 1-A briny Characters | Other Classmates From Class 1-A | course of instruction 1-B | Students From separate Classes | School mental faculty and Staff | League of Villains | Hassaikai | Other Villains | Other Heroes | personnel and system Workers | Civilians | different High Schools | Illegals Series A vain, freakish young man Midoriya introductory meets during UA's travel exam. He thinks very highly of his Quirk, "Navel Laser", which allows him to fire optical maser beams from his abdomen push in short intervals. However, continuous use of the Quirk is unresistant to cost his insides, and Aoyama is very flimsy in general.

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February 2015 - Bondage Video Discussion Forum Archive

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Here lies Valleywag, a Silicon natural depression tittle-tattle and information computer launched in 2006 by Gawker Media and decommissioned in 2015. Its editors and writers over the years included Nick Douglas, change Denton, crusader Thomas, Ryan Tate, Nitasha Tiku, and Sam Biddle. The site’s archives are preserved here, but no new posts legal document be promulgated at this page.

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My Hero Academia - Other Classmates From Class 1-A / Characters - TV Tropes

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