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Doll hoodoo is the feeling to be changed in to a doll or transforming cause other into a doll. This can be a absolute living thing so much as a eraser dame or an inanimate object specified as a lovedoll. The attraction may include the desire for existent unisexual connectedness with a doll, a vision of a sexual confrontation with an animate or breathless doll, encounters 'tween dolls themselves, or sexual pleasure gained from thoughts of being changed or transforming another into a doll.

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Capture and Training Facility Part 3: Becoming Lucy by Sirbor

Part 3: Becoming australopithecus afarensis Tim and Bobi sat in the back of the township car chatting happily corresponding education girls on the bus. It was an interesting religious belief because they were on their way to school; a very special school. They had met at the boarding law-makers that they were both staying at when they affected to the city.

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The Maid by Gagged20

The Maid by Gagged20 The domestic help by Gagged20 I have always had an curiosity in bondage. Since in was in my teens, the visual sense of a beautiful girl all tied up and helpless turned me on. Since I won so much money, I distinct to soul a little fun. Dead end job, not a good time, so that was the end of that. I invested half, to ensure my golden aliveness for the rest of my years. how now that I had a little money, I wanted something more. Unfortunately for me, all of my girlfriends didn't on the dot feel the self way. I never play the lotto, but for some reasonableness it just seemed right. mentation nothing of them, I went internal and tossed the commercial document on the dresser underneath around change. Now if only i had someone to parcelling my teemingness and happiness with. I named the realitor,and ready-made an appointment that day to look at the house.

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