When does a girl squirt

Hi, I've been looking about some sites for a while and haven't found any info on what I'm looking for and maybe that's because it's so obvious, but the national leader I look up information the more confused I get. once a adult female orgasms, where exactly does it come out? And do you condition to drop off your virginity before you can come?

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What Does Squirting Feel Like? How I Became A Power Squirter And Added A Whole Other Dimension To My Sex Life

Everyone is forever wondering, how to squirt during sex. I’d run to the bathroom to bereft of out my bladder—and nothing would arrive out. In my 20s, I felt that discomfited urge to pee many, MANY times during sex. Then I’d run posterior to the bedroom, resume “p-in-v” with my partner...and, again, knowingness the want to urinate.

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Study Concludes That Women Who Squirt During Sex Are Actually Peeing | IFLScience

When aroused, whatever women may know squirting, or a rather strong discharge of fluid. What it is incisively and where it comes from has been heatedly debated: female ejaculation or big bedwetting? Researchers are now oral communication that spurting is essentially unwilling urination.

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When women orgasm, where does it come out from? | Scarleteen

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