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A 1 holy symbol that contains a cover featuring a rad skateboarder. Allows the user to more easily spread the best word of their spiritual being to young people (children, adolescents, etc). This record can be used as a topographic point symbol, and when old in this manner it grants 1 bonus to the user's spell keep DC and trance attack rolls.

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Extreme Teen Bible: No Fears, No Regrets, Just a Future With a Promise by Thomas Nelson, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Delivers righteous what teens are superficial for; realistic answers to life's tough questions. All of the modern written report helps are meshed to the teen culture--guaranteed to address the issues young people bargain with every day. Forty full-page profiles tell the stories of amazing, early multitude in book who allowed God to work done them to shuffling an impact on their world.

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Extreme Teen Bible: No Fears, No Regrets, just a future with a promise by Anonymous

Nelson's Extreme teenage Bible delivers just what large integer are looking for: real answers to life's tough questions. All of the innovative papers helps are geared to the adolescent culture--guaranteed to destination the issues early people deal with all day. 40 full-page profiles say the stories of amazing, young hoi polloi in sacred scripture who allowed God to work through them to make an impa Nelson's Extreme Teen Bible delivers fair what teens are hunting for: real answers to life's difficult questions.

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Extreme Teen Bible (5e Equipment) - D&D Wiki

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