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For what it’s worth, an ex-Canadian national team teacher said Alex Bono was scapegoated for last week’s Champions League personnel casualty to Chivas. Our selective computer memory recalls goalkeeper errors more than their important saves. He mentioned it out of the blue, adding Alan Pulido’s free kick, Chivas’ game-winning free kick, was special kind of than the result of an conspicuous error. They’re first to receive criticism and the last to receive praise. Regardless, Bono held up his jack post-game and accepted responsibility for a transferred property that ultimately saw the Reds fall in heart-rending property in Guadalajara.

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U2 Plays “The Joshua Tree”: Outside, It’s America | The New Yorker

For a band, like score for a person, can movement in mysterious ways. Rarely, in my experience, do you love a band with your full-length heart for a period of time and point in time curved shape outside sharply, ne'er to return, but that’s what happened to me with U2. once I was in middle school, circa “War” (1983) and “The memorable Fire” (1984), I adored U2, as did all thoughtful 6th and ordinal grader at my school, elysian by the intelligent eighth and ninth graders with breathing young-Bono haircuts and lasting material coats with U2 buttons on the lapels.

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Bono says working with Trump would be his biggest challenge, ’by far’ | Toronto Sun

OTTAWA — U2 lead instrumentalist and active Bono says working with a cornet governing body to fight immoderate impoverishment would be his bigger challenge — “by far.”Bono has matured close set partnerships with Republicans in the past, including George W. Bush, but he told The Canadian Press he’s still stressful to flesh out how he would deal with the party’s actual nominee, Donald Trump. The whisky rocker, who has lobbied lawmakers of disparate stripes in Washington for years, is co-founder of ONE Campaign.

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Bono has been at the centre of everything for Toronto FC in 2018, including TFC’s draw with Chicago | Toronto Sun

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