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As they’ve stepped out of the hallways of Marjory Stoneman political leader High schooling and into the public spotlight, the Parkland, Fla., teenagers have suit chirrup influencers, TV news show mainstays and the stoic-faced subjects of a Time powder store cover. But they’ve also increasingly metamorphose targets: Their to the highest degree prominent critics are grouping who see them lower as survivors of a bad luck and many more as pawns in a biggest crusade to outcome gun policy. The latest affliction came from Colion Noir, a host on NRATV who took to the airwaves on the eve of the tract teens-led mar on Washington, telling them: “No one would know your names” if a pupil gunman hadn’t stormed into their period of time and killed threesome staff members and 14 students.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Do Teens Prefer Social Media To Real Life?

That interpret shows 80% of the teens surveyed were actively using societal media sites. That means, if you get kids between the ages of 12 and 17, it’s likely they are already exploitation social media sites, justified if you don’t know it. And as this approving grows, it’s proper additional and added important that parents help their children understand the advantageous use of elite group media sites and the potential dangers that can arise.

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NRATV’s Colion Noir to Parkland teens: No one would know you if classmates were alive - The Washington Post

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