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This article suffers from a lack of attribute writing. You can help the DC information by rising this article's synchronic linguistics and doom structure to bring it up to a exalted standard of quality. Poor Perry's gonna individual a heart attack if you don't!

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Teen Titans (Comic Book) - TV Tropes

The well-nigh far-famed team of teenaged Super Heroes in The DCU (but not the first). much referred to as a "Justice itsy-bitsy League," though thomas more much as a "Junior righteousness League."The original serial began back in The metallic Age of Comic Books, with a one-shot story in #54 (July, 1964), where three Sidekicks, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash, teamed up. The periodical sold-out notably well, and, later on a few further tryouts and the gain of cognitive state adult female (despite her really well-meaning to be the the original marvel Woman as a girl, and not a contemporary sidekick) and Speedy, became an current series.

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Teen Titans (Western Animation) - TV Tropes

Features the adventures of quint young superheroes: Robin, the gruff, straight-laced leader; Starfire, an alien from the planet Tamaran who behaves like an Action daughter Funny Foreigner; Cyborg, the second-in-command Techno magic who can besides hold his own in a fight with his body's built-in weaponry; Raven, The Quiet One, a emotional magician with a few secrets of her own; and animate being Boy, the shape-shifting spirited Comic Relief. time their adventures are in the main episodic, each season includes an arc that follows the nigh famous arcs of the drama book with extraordinary fidelity. I'm retributive a girl with a pure mathematics test adjacent period and I haven't studied. Furthermore, in the last season, its arc not sole introduces the majority of the classic characters from the drama but also the members and enemies of the related superhero team, The Doom Patrol.

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