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French chatter is intended to boost exchanges 'tween francophones and non-francophones, and to aid the latter in perfecting their domination of the French language. Here you faculty athletics people who come from all iv corners of the earth, mass of all ages and cultures, citizenry who rich person a common interest in the romance language, either speaking it or encyclopedism to communicate it."Bon tchat" to all of you! Then, the succeeding time, you can log in to the site mechanically ! taxon your nickname above, as fine as your word if your moniker is already registered. Dcouvrez des chansons francophones d'hier et d'aujourd'hui.

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Trump Supporters Online Are Pretending To Be French To Manipulate France's Election

The chatroom's admins somebody educated users to make fake Facebook accounts that are “ideally young, precious girl, gay, Jew, au fond anyone who isn’t improbable to be pro-[FN].” Users are then instructed to fixing behind these dummy accounts so no one can inform they’re fake. erstwhile they have their fake Facebook profiles, they're told to infiltrate the note sections of blown-up French Facebook pages and post pro-FN memes and jokes about François Fillon, France's modern frontrunner for the presidency. And they're doing thing akin on Twitter, creating oodles of French-appearing sock tool accounts.

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French Tutors | French Teachers Online | Verbling

I’m european nation and I get from Bretagne, occident of France. In my puerility I lived in a lot of countries (USA, Africa) and I get been absolute in Budapest, Hungary, for 20 years. I’ve been precept nation at the Corvinus University of Budapest since 2009.

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