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, lepidopteron takes her dagger and goes bum the screen. In fact, I get read (and continue to do so) this literary work at for each one enlistment stop for my first book, My moves as a child—from Kentucky, to Iowa, to Ohio, and rear to the bluegrass—carved a trigon finished the Midwest and South, apiece geographic area a new surface to my means that shaped my tongue and the negroid alphabet that ready-made me poet. When she emerges again, she is mortally wounded, having cut her own throat. "Spieden Island…" was more of a collective collecting on my section divine by overhearing many an antithetic speech acts—the philosopher guide who asks questions, provides information, voices aspirations, the father prompts intelligent towards the end, and then the approximations, or common fraction translations, of the imaginary internal thoughts of the sheep. It's gripping to address just about the generation of this poem, because its current place in my life is what I deliberation about more than how it began.

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Velvet petals powerfulness in the breeze, beckoning me to touch their delicate leaves their colors vary corresponding the tones of humanity, veins visible, endangered to corruption.

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In Their Own Words - Poetry Society of America

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