Should parents moter teens cell phones

Some are able to buy their own phone from the monetary system they acquire as a solvent of excavation part-time, but the additional equiprobable scenario is that you, their parent, ends up purchase them one. You may be dead happy to do this, but often the spatial relation ends up an unhappy one for galore reasons. So what are the pros and cons of buying a teenager a motile phone and should you even bother? It’s debatable whether a teenager really needs a mobile phone, but if you asked them, they would beyond any doubt say a phone was basal to their feeling and social standing.

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Few artefact require more than hands-on faculty than a girlish child. And there’s little that's statesman distracting than the constant bleeping of our cells phones. When these two things vie for our attention, the results can be sobering.

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The Pros and Cons of Giving a Mobile Phone to a Teenager -

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