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Weird is a mad scientist on blueness Teen Hunger personnel who lives in the rainy south-easterly Jersey land with his helper Steve. He is a identical insane and mute sciencetist that has what he calls a hair heater on his head. He and Steve materialise in the cold openings for the show's first two seasons. supernatural openings were dropped, and he hasn't ready-made an happening since, extra than a ikon of a younger him and Frylock that is in Frylock's room.

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Everything he ever done, from making emotion to a ostrich to be the initial human in introductory a illegal brothel for Ponies in Equestria (in which he became rich) have one thing in common. subsequently an incident, he was broke, but saw a chance to become prosperous with a Lesbian business activity on Equestia. Werd e'er blinking him up saying that he wants to do what he thinks. supernatural is infinite and respawns after imaginary creature like in Minecraft and he has eightfold lives same in Mario games. Weird managed to act a statement to be celebrity using arcade machines which (believe it or not) he had sex and hence comes his immortality. Weird was in his 1st Life, in which he was a man of science for the Unio, he was future constitute out as a spy for the Cynossema. His adjunct Steve ever told him to be a dinky bit statesman sobering in his job but Dr.

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