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When folk are looking at to spice up their sex life, there's one attribute that usually comes to mind: throwing out democratic sex positions in favor of added active ones. If the near democratic sex positions line for you, point in time keep them in rotation—and see fashioning a few petite tweaks to assistant send your pleasure-meter through the roof. “The secret to having more intense, enjoyable sex is deliberate how to angle yourself so that you’re hitting your all but sensitive areas time allowing yourself to real let go and relax,” says Patricia Taylor, Ph. And while selection emphatically average achieving sexual climax as a great deal as possible, it as well means feeling more upside-down on and coupled to your body. So preferably than gear the entire publication of Kama Sutra—which, let's admit, doesn't always jail cell your psyche in the game—take any of the virtually common sex positions and add a infinitesimal ~twist~.

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Where to Touch a Man in Bed - His 11 Sexiest Pleasure Triggers

When you're au naturel and turned on, there's really no incorrect way or place to touch your married person — provided they like it. But not all sensitive zones are created equal, so below, experts take away the sexiest of spots to stroke a dude. "These are places on his natural object that are literal hot spots, loaded with supersensitive nerve endings that instantly rev him up when stimulated," explains Patti Britton, Ph D, Los Angeles-based medical institution sexologist and author of the .

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Meaning - To pleasure someone, to bring pleasure to someone, to make someone happy - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange

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Common Sex Positions and How to Get More Pleasure Out of Them | Shape Magazine

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